Working to Improve Health, from Haiti to Greece

Executive MPH student, Jason Friesen, EMT-P, discusses injury prevention, mobile phones and working for Project HOPE in Haiti.


Jason Friesen, EMT-P, is a student in the Executive MPH class at Mailman (’12), and lives in Port-au-Prince where he is the Country Representative for Project HOPE, an international health aid organization. He can be contacted at

The Pandemic of Preventable Death and Disability
On Monday, January 16, at 9:30 p.m. a large truck coming down Route de Delmas in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, lost its brakes and careened off several vehicles before running over a crowd of pedestrians, including street vendors, motorcycle drivers, and passers-by. As quickly as the driver had realized that his brakes were failed, 45 people were killed – 29 instantly – and 41 more were injured.

Route de Delmas is one of the major roadways in Port-au-Prince, providing a direct connection between the infamous shantytown of Cité Soleil at the bottom of the road, to the upper class echelon of Petion-ville at the top…

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