What’s Next for the Class of 2013: Martin Mendiola

Martin Mendiola, MPH ’13, Health Policy and Management


Working at a start-up is fantastic. One of the great things about working at a small organization is the ability to work on multiple projects. You’re not siloed. You’re actually working with different departments on everything from strategy to product development to implementation. At Happtique, we feel that we are at the forefront of healthcare or what’s going to be the new version of healthcare. It’s a really exciting time.

My Mailman School adviser Professor Fred Hyde put me in contact with the person who would later become my boss at the Greater New York Hospital Association, and asked her to explain in greater detail the services that the organization provides. They play a role in many different aspects of healthcare: they have a lobbying component, which was of interest to me since I was a policy student at the Mailman School. They also have a ventures arm that identifies operational and efficiency opportunities on the business side of healthcare. Professor Hyde felt that meeting with someone that had access to all of these divisions would be beneficial as I continued to develop my long-term career plan. It was during this meeting that I first learned about Happtique. I offered to assist them in order to learn more about the medical technology field while earning my Masters degree. I worked with them on a limited basis while I completed my education, and was offered a fulltime position shortly after finishing at the Mailman School last December.

I think that one of the real benefits of a Mailman School education is that it’s not just about memorizing facts. They focus on teaching skills and problem-solving for the future because the problems that we have in healthcare today aren’t the problems that we’re going to have in 10, 15, or 20 years. The Mailman School constantly challenges you to pick areas of interest and then analyze the problems that can or will arise in the future. I think that’s one of the skills that has really helped me in my current job as we introduce a new technology solution into the healthcare system.


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