What’s Next for the Class of 2013: Becca Loeb

Becca Loeb, MS ’13, Biostatistics

Becca LoebI’m working in the Department of Psychiatry at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as an Assistant Research Biostatistician. I consult with investigators to help them with study design, grant writing, and statistical analysis. I also have the opportunity to mentor research assistants in how to work with data and use basic statistics.

I work closely with the Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Department, which provides outreach services to immigrants and low-income cancer patients in the New York area. I help to evaluate the different programs they run. For example, they run a food bank program at public hospitals in the city, and I’m helping them assess who is using them, how often, and if pantry use is associated with improved health outcomes. I’m also involved in behavioral sciences research, focusing on cancer prevention and the effects of cancer treatment on cognition. And I am working on a randomized controlled trial assessing a scheduled smoking cessation intervention, a study tracking sun protection behaviors over time in people with a family history of melanoma, and a study on the impact of chemotherapy on memory.

The Mailman School really prepared me for this position because the coursework covered a wide range of statistics and research designs. My coursework in epidemiology and in clinical trials design has really come in handy in my new job and set me apart from job applicants with a basic statistics master’s degree.

I found out about the job from the Biostatistics department, which periodically sends out job listings. My background in psychology and the training I received at Mailman School made this one a really great fit. It’s been great so far and I’m learning a lot. Everyone I’m working with has a positive attitude and feels a sense of purpose in what they’re doing here.


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