What’s Next for the Class of 2013: Leah Jarvis

Leah Jarvis, MPH ’13, Population and Family Health

Leah_JarvisI just started at Engender Health, which is an organization that works on issues related to reproductive health around the world.  I’m a program associate for monitoring evaluation and research.  I’ll be working mostly on seeing how programs are implemented in different countries and assessing the effectiveness of different programs that provide reproductive health, including long-acting and permanent methods of contraceptives, and address issues of gender-based violence.

At the Mailman School, I spent my practicum in Burkino Faso with the Population Council doing an evaluation of a program that works with migrant adolescent domestic workers. They come to the cities to work as domestic workers and are generally isolated and are not in school, have very low levels of education, don’t get paid very much, and are vulnerable to a lot of sexual and financial exploitation.

Having the opportunity to do an evaluation in the country where a program was being implemented really gave me good experience with the obstacles that can happen in developing countries in terms of transportation and power outages and language barriers. My practicum, as well as many of the classes that I’ve taken at the Mailman School, gave me a good perspective and grounding and will serve me directly in the position that I just started at Engender Health.

Engender Health is one of the organizations that I’ve been really interested in working for and continually checked their website for new job postings. I got in touch with somebody through a Mailman School grad who knew somebody that was working in there, and they helped me get in touch with the people who were doing the hiring.


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