What’s Next for the Class of 2013: Irene Frohlich

Irene Frohlich, MPH ’13, Health Policy and Management  

Irene_FrohlichI’m going to be doing consulting work for a company called Grant Thornton. Their main clients are hospitals and providers. Over the next two years, I’ll be doing revenue cycle management with one of their clients in Upstate New York. I will be looking at the whole process from start to finish to find ways to shorten the amount of time it takes for claims to be paid. Do they need health IT? Do they need more people analyzing those claims?

The Department of Health Policy and Management at the Mailman School has a consulting workshop where we had the opportunity to work with real clients in New York City and help them with a project.  That experience really prepared me to think about what consulting is and how the dynamic with a client works. Another important class was Health Policy and Analysis because it made me aware of what is happening in the United States right now and how the policies and provisions of the Affordable Care Act are going to affect hospitals. The skills I learned here got me hired. The fact that I could talk comfortably about the Affordable Care Act really gave me an edge. When I was interviewing, they felt I knew a lot. I was saying what I learned.

I think one of the great things about the Mailman School was the camaraderie with my fellow classmates. When it came time to look for a job, we looked together—whether it was meeting at a coffee shop or checking on LinkedIn. If we saw something we didn’t like, we would pass it on to someone we thought it might work for. I found out about my job this way through my friend Rebecca.  She said, “I think you might like this job.” I looked at it, and it was very interesting. So I started to do more research about the job. It turned out that there was a graduate from the School’s Executive MPH program with a senior position there. I talked to a professor who was connected me with him, and he told me about the firm. After that, I decided to apply. Not much later, they offered me the job.


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