Futures in the Making: Career Day at Mailman

by Augusta Williams in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, MPH ’15


Walking into a room filled with anxious young professionals in business attire who are wielding resumes and business cards can be an intimidating experience, whether it is your first time attending a Career Day event, or your tenth. I’m actually planning on continuing my education by applying to doctoral programs after graduation, but I thought that it would be useful to attend Career Day to see what opportunities were being presented.


While looking around the tables of prospective employers and students eager to meet with them, I was relieved to not have the nervous excitement that comes with any major transition. Don’t worry – my own fretting will come once my applications are submitted in a few weeks. It was motivating to see my peers of the last year and half looking like the public health professionals that we’ve become since entering Mailman. It filled me with pride – of the friends I’ve made, of the education we’ve received, and the realization that my classmates will soon be successfully integrating our education with the real-world.


The future was looming in front of tables filled with free pens and brochures. Introductions were being made. Contact information was being exchanged. Despite being a great event, I was glad to be somewhat separated from it all. It made me more confident in my decision to continue my education. I want to learn from more experts and tackle some of my own research before making the leap into a professional role. I’m not ready for that world yet. But, walking through the room, I discovered a new appreciation for my peers who are ready.

The last few semesters have flown by, filling our heads with new, challenging, and thought-provoking information. It was great to see that all come to fruition at Career Day. As I looked around The Armory, it wasn’t hard to imagine how this space would look in a few months for graduation. It seemed that seeking employment in the same room that we will receive our diplomas makes everything come full-circle. While contemplating the perhaps intentional staging of this location, the phrase associated with CUMC was read through my head: “Amazing things are happening here.” We have been exposed to so much, and it’s exciting to daydream about how the future is going to manifest for the Mailman Class of 2015.


But in the mean time, I’m going to get back to my personal statement.


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